What is Metadata – The Data about Data

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What is Metadata?

What is metadata?

The term metadata means data about data.

Whenever you publish some content online, create a website, or write a book, you put some data in the form of your writings. But in addition, you have to provide some data about the writings, like author name, Source of information, geolocation, or some other credits. Actually, you are providing some data about your writing. In the same way, metadata is a term most commonly used with online websites and applications. Metadata means all data available on the website. It doesn’t include the data available on the website but data about what the website offers.

Why metadata is important?

In the modern world, there are millions of websites on the internet, and if you create a website about pet care, how google will know about the content available on your website? How Google will categorize your website if it doesn’t know? And if it doesn’t know your website then your website will not be ranked. Google works on the basis of keywords to rank up a website, that is why our metadata should be according to the category of the website or for what purpose the website is about. So, it is important that we should provide the exact source of information about the website to rank up the website.

How does it work?

Metadata is a prestigious and most important tool that can improve the website by using SEO. Seo is the keywords that are used by the google search engine not only to help the site user but also the visitor of the site as we know that Google shows the results according to the keywords searched by Google users. So, it helps the users in this way that it provides the exact informative website according to the search he did, and on the other hand if a website user puts the related metadata then google will rank it up fastly.

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