Type of cheekbones: low cheekbone vs high cheekbone

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Whenever you look into the mirror, the question comes into your mind what type of cheekbones do you have? Are they suit you to look gorgeous? Or if you want to attain any other kind of cheekbones to make your face more chiseled. Then what measures should you take?

To get more beautiful cheekbones, first of all, you should know how many types of cheekbones. What methods are there to get your desired cheekbones? To know all these questions, you should know why cheekbones are important in making your glimpse more attractive?

What are cheekbones?

Beauty is subjective to everyone. Everybody wants to look elegant and beautiful. In making your face beautiful, your features play an important role. For example, cheekbones are much more important in making your looks attractive. It makes the cheek prominent.

It is a well-known motto

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

In natural language, these are called zygomatic bones or malar bones consisting of pair of bones located on the upper or lower surface of the face. These are allocated to the frontal, temporal, sphenoid, mandible, and nasal cavity. These are found beneath the eye sockets and underneath the skin in the middle of the face.

How many types of cheekbones?

Cheekbones play a vital role in face reading or making a perfect first impression. There are various myths about cheekbones that determine the personality of a man. However, your character mostly depends on your ethnicity and your genes. Generally speaking, There are commonly six types of cheekbones which are as described below:

  • High cheekbones
  • Low cheekbones
  • Protruding cheekbones
  • Uneven cheekbones
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Sunken/flat cheekbones

High cheekbones

A person will have high cheekbones if it lies close to the eye sockets. People with high cheekbones are mostly seen in Asia and Africa and hunters who spend most of their lives in jungles. It is because their cheeks are stretched, having high cheekbones.

People with high cheekbones have the following characteristics that are general myths by ancient people their attractive personality, trustworthiness, vigor, the high reproductive rate in women, and how lucky they are!

More attractive personality

People with high cheekbones look more attractive and charming to both men and women. It is because high cheekbones stretch the face inward and upward, making your features more prominent. So many Hollywood celebrities have high cheekbones, loved by people so much. Angelina Jolie, Katharine Hepburn, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Heath Ledger are included.

According to research, the most beautiful faces globally are common with high cheekbones.


They make their first impression as trustees. They are mostly secret-keeping persons and keep various things private. A study by the University of New York in 2014 stated that individuals subconsciously with high cheekbones are linked with trustworthiness.

High insight and vigor

These people are considered more insightful, intelligent, and a flash of great brilliance in America.

In Asia, they are indicated as a more dedicated and gallant individual. These people are considered more energetic and full of vigor. They are highly responsible in their duties.

Estrogen level

High cheekbones women are considered as with a high level of estrogen. Estrogen is a reproductive hormone that indicates the fertility level of women. Women with an elevated estrogen level are more enticed by nature and the viewer’s eyes. High cheekbones generally tell the full story of estrogen. Thus these women look more attractive.

That’s why people preferred women with high cheekbones due to their high fertility rate.

Luck level

Usually, cheekbones do not affect how lucky you are. But according to experts, it does just at the age of 46 to 47 and affects your eyes in the middle of the period.

Low cheekbones

When your cheekbones lie at the bottom of your nose bridge or close to your nose, then you have low cheekbones. People with soft cheekbones come into power in middle age. However, they are generally less attractive and seem less trustworthy than high cheekbones people.

These people often are in depression, and to do a task, they need a push. They are unmotivated and seem to be antisocial, mostly live in loneliness, and love their own company. On the other hand, they are thoughtful and mostly live in fantasy.

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Protruding cheekbone

These are slightly extending out cheekbones. The people are usually skilled and intelligent but mostly live poor. They are busy and tactical throughout their life. But, generally, they are authoritative people.

Uneven cheekbones

People have one side high and the other side low cheekbone in this type. These kinds of people suffer a lot, facing many life heck challenges. They are unstable in power and luck positions. They may face many marriage crises throughout their lives.

If they possess a low cheekbone on the right side depicts their position to keep in a struggle. If a low cheekbone lies at the left, it means a power loss.

If there is a high cheekbone on the right side, describe the short power experience. If on the left side, then show a wide horizon in the jurisdiction.

Prominent cheekbones

These are perfectly located cheekbones. They are signs of power, fame, and outstanding achievements in life. Individuals with this type of cheekbones possess leadership qualities to have great talent. They are humble and slightly bold. They are usually trusted with important secrets.

Sunken/ Flat cheekbones 

They are not accurately precise or seem to be no cheekbones at all. They indicate a lack of vitality and timidity. They lack the spirit to fight, often more insightful and formal. They are a very less sense of responsibility and achieve low success. They are a terrible leader and weak-minded people.

How can you locate your cheekbones?

To determine what type of cheekbones you have. There is no rocket science at all. We describe it in several steps:

  • Put your thumb at the nub part of your ear ( upper part of cartilage).
  • Put your index finger at your nostril bottom.
  • Now draw a line by joining both thumb and index finger.
  • This line is the same at your cheekbone.

If your cheekbone is at the right side, just below eye sockets, then you have high cheekbones. If it lies near the nose bridge at the bottom of the nose, you have low cheekbones.

How do you get beautiful chisel cheekbones?

There are several ways to get beautiful cheekbones. Usually, high cheekbones are considered a symbol of beauty.

By Plastic surgery 

Many women get high cheekbones from plastic surgeries. The surgeon makes little incisions inside the skin and elevates the cheekbones. It has many side effects. If the woman again gets any other facial surgery, then it may cause harm to the epidermal tissues of the skin. It’s quite an expensive method.

Silicon implant

In this, a solid mass of silicone implants under the skin layer through a little incision. It looks like the lifting of cheekbones. It usually lasts about 6 months to 1 year.

Dermal Fillers

They are injected through the skin and fill the spare cheekbones. They usually last about 1 to 2 months. After this, they are absorbed by the skin cells. Important brands of dermal fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, and Zyplast.

By makeup

Make your cheekbones more prominent or look more attractive. You need simple makeup. Usually, to contour, you need a blush, highlighter, and bronzer powder.

First, take a bronzer of 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin tone. Slightly apply it underneath the cheekbone by sucking your cheeks. Next, take a brush vertically at the end of the eyebrow. Your bronzer should start from the hairline to this line, not more than this.

Now apply concealer or foundation just above the bronzer in the same way. Finally, apply blush to it to give you a natural look.

Take a highlighter and apply it to the top of the cheekbone gently with the brush. Your cheekbones are now lifted, which gives you a new look. This method is easy and money-saving. There are various video blogs about contouring on YouTube.

Face Exercises

There are several exercises to make your cheekbones elevated.

X shape

First, shape your lips into o pronunciation. It gives X shape face. Keep this position for at least 40 seconds. Then, repeat it 3 to 4 times.

Fish face

Suck your cheeks and make your lips into the fish face. Keep in this position for at least 10 seconds.

Puffy face

In this fill air into cheeks close lips in o shape and puff air from one cheek to other. Could you do it for some time?

Clown face

In this, fill the air and close your lip gently. Now smile at peak. Remain in this position for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

Besides these, you can lift your cheekbones by drinking plenty of water. It will wash all the remains of the skin.

By Mewing

Orthotropists Dr. Mew believes that it is possible to change the position of your cheekbones by correcting your oral posture, i.e., Mewing. For example, you can slowly move your maxilla (the central facial bone as shown below) forward and up. As the maxilla moves, the cheekbones should follow as both the bones are adjacent to one another.


In short, there are various types of cheekbones, and high cheekbones are more attractive among them. You can make your cheekbones more prominent or lifted by using makeup techniques or other available methods to get more enticing, elegant, and stunning looks.

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