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Pakistan’s first locally produced electric car features & price

Utmost efforts of Non-Profit Organisation, Dice Foundation, Top Universities, and Some Private sectors resulted in NUR-E 75 which is totally produced and assembled locally in Pakistan.

The car is designed and developed by Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation. And the founder, Dr. Khurshid Qureshi says, it will have a huge impact on reducing pollution when accepted worldwide.

According to the developing team and the chairman, the car will consume less fuel and will be more efficient. It will help to fight against changing climate and sustain economic prosperity.

NUR-E 75 was unveiled on the 14th of August on the 75th independence day of Pakistan at a private hotel. The production of this project started in back 2019 and took almost 3 years to be here. Some minor design upgrades and modifications are underway.

Some Detailed Features of NUR-E 75

Top Speed127 km/h
Maximum Distance210 km
Battery Capacity35kWh
Charging Volts220V
Charging Time~8 Hours
Engine Power80 kWh or 108hp
Tire Size16 Inches
Expected Availablity2024
Brand NameJAXERI

Price of NUR-E 75 in Pakistan

As the other electric vehicles like Honda-E and Nissan Leaf are labeled as $35,000 to $40,000 but this will cost you far less. The CEO of the DICE foundation added, that almost 60% of parts of the car will be produced and assembled in Pakistan. But after being rolled out publically, this percentage can go up to 80%.

Producing an Electric car locally is a major milestone for the tech teams of Pakistan. Where the world is approaching the era of Artificial Intelligence. And making transport more comfortable, Pakistan has stepped into the race.

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Some Glimpse of NUR-E 75

nur-e 75
Image Source: www.tribune.com.pk
nur-e 75
Image Source: www.tribune.com.pk
nur-e 75
Image Source: www.tribune.com.pk
nur-e 75
Image Source: www.tribune.com.pk

Partners helped in Achieving this Milestone

Dr. Qureshi thanked these partners to help in this great project that will lead Pakistan away from non-renewable fuels.

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