Numerology Reading and Mystery Behind Angel Numbers

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The word “Numerology” has various hidden meanings, signs, and symbolism. It interrelates “Angel numbers” and gives us a brief and interesting knowledge about our path in life. It reveals truth by identifying the hidden numbers in our birth date, and name. It also talks about the mystical properties of angel numbers, truths about our personality, and shows a way towards our destiny.

In this article we will talk about numerology reading, meaning, symbolism, interesting facts, and an in-depth analysis of angel numbers.

If you want to know about the facts of numerology and the mystery behind Angel Numbers interestingly then please stick with it.

Do you know about Angels?

Angels are guardians, supernatural spiritual beings, and heavenly bodies, and have superpowers more than human beings. They are associated with the Arabic term “Malakh” which means “messenger of God” or servants of God.

Every person has guardian angels to guide him/her toward the real path of life. Angels are as benevolent and kind as God. They are intermediaries between heaven and humanity. According to Bible Angels are an “Animal-human hybrid” but we are not sure how they look alike?

In the first chapter of the book named ‘Ezekiel’, it is mentioned that prophet saw some angels in the form of flame or fire. So, it depicts the prophets’ vision. According to the Bible, Angels are heavenly spirits who have four wings and seem to look like men with different and multiple faces. We can’t see them; we can feel their presence.

How can you feel Angels’ presence?

There are different ways to feel the presence of angels

  • By feeling a sudden blow of air behind your back or hairs
  • You can see them in your dreams
  • A flash, or twinkling light
  • You may feel a sudden chill of horror run into your spine
  • By using these signs, they want to convey their messages for the welfare of humanity.

Angels keep on sending us signs and numbers to lead us the right way and destiny.

Do you know what the angel number means in Numerology?

According to Numerology, Angel Numbers are a sequence of numbers having hidden meanings. Angel Numbers are connected to the various aspects of a person’s life. By using these numbers ‘Angels’ send messages and signs to guide you towards the real path of life. By understanding these signs, you can easily admire your life goals.

Do you know your guardian angels are your well-wishers and want you to achieve every possible thing which is best for your life? They want you to be happy and prosperous throughout your life.

Angel Numbers consist of numeric values and range from 1, 2, 3, 4, up to 9. In these numbers, the repeating digits 11 and 22 are called ‘Master Numbers

Meaning, Symbolism, and Significance of Angel Numbers

We are going to discuss the meaning, symbolism, and significance of numeric values (Angel Numbers) from 1 to 9.

Angel Number 1

It is a sign of new beginnings. It will bring happiness and prosperity to your life and urge you to begin a new chapter. Angel Number 1 will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take some wise steps in your life. It stands for positivity and courage.

Angel Number 2

Angel Number 2 means harmony, love, balance, and relationships.

It is a symbol of faith and trust; it encourages you to take decisions wisely and urges you to strengthen your relationship. It makes you trust and love your partner unconditionally. It is a symbol of peace and brings prosperity to society.

If you are constantly seeing number 2 then that might be your Angel Number and in this way your guardian angels want you to love your partner and build an unbreakable bond of trust. They want you to spread positivity.

Angel Number 3

It simply stands for hope, vibration, adventure, creativity, positivity, and peace. It symbolizes the harmony of life.

If you keep seeing angel number 2 that means your guardian angels sending you this sign and they want to make you successful.

Don’t lose hope in every difficult situation; they are a part of your life journey, just focus on your goals and do hard work, one day you’ll achieve them for sure.

Angel Number 4

It consists of positivity and spirituality, and it also represents God’s intervention. if that Angel Number appears in front of you constantly; it means your guardian angels are supporting you and offering you love and peace.

In this way, your guardian angels have a strong bond and connection with you. It symbolizes stability and support by God and Divine angels toward life goals.

Angel Number 5

Angel number 5 is odd, so it represents negativity along with positivity.

It is a symbol of love, loyalty, and growth.

It depicts that some changes are about to happen in your coming life. If Angel Number 5 appears again and again that means your angels are sending you threats to be aware of critical situations of life. They want you to be careful and safe.

Angel Number 6

As you can see it is an even number that automatically means it represents positivity. When it comes to Angel Number 6 meaning, the positive influence of character building tries to maintain a healthy balance between family and your work.

It symbolizes material things and tells how to maintain balance in your life.

Angel Number 7

Angel number is the most powerful and energetic number; symbolizes humans’ inner satisfaction, peace, calmness, and inner wisdom. It connects spirituality and reality.

When your mind, body, and soul are in alignment with each other then it provides idealistic vibes.

It represents mysticism, support, and encouragement.

Angel Number 8

Angel number 8 is the symbol of happiness and wealth. It represents happiness in the coming life. Your guardian angels want to make your life filled with joy and prosperity.

It is a sign of inner wisdom, joy, and success.

Angel Number 9

It represents age and knowledge and is a sign of maturity. When you are disappointed at certain stages of life and about to quit your struggle and hard work; it provides you the courage to suffer and continue your struggle. In other words, it makes you able to achieve your goals after facing such difficult problems.

It is a gift from your guardian angels in the form of support and wisdom.


In this blog, we have discussed Numerology Reading, Angels, and Angel Numbers. We have analyzed their meanings, symbolism, and significance. You may calculate your angel number by calculating your birth date numbers. You may also find your angel number by finding hidden values of your name alphabets and converting them into numbers. If any number appears, again and again, in front of you, then might be possible that would be your angel number.

I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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