How to start Blogging? A beginners guide

Umar Farooq
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How to Start a Blog

Writing digital content (blogging) is like exploring space with other individuals, that gives us a chance to share and achieve more and more knowledge and information.

What Does “Blog” Mean?

The word “blog” is formed from the words “web-log”, which means “digital general or dairy”. A Blog is a type of digital website or a digital book but updating on the regular basis. A blog may be about different topics, such as a person’s experiences or his views on specific topics. Furthermore, it may be commentary about how to improve your skills in education or on specific financial platforms, or details or reviews of movies, games, and other similar topics daily. (full-width)

History of Blogging

During its early stages, blogging offered its users the opportunity to share their life events as a digital diary, and the readers commented on the content shared by the blog writer, so it was a platform for them to get the views of other people directly. But in the present era, blogging has become a type of social media platform, where a blogger not only shares his/her content but also advertises the different businesses of local or international companies on his/her blog.

How Blogging Works

Starting up a blog requires basic knowledge. First, you have to find a topic for your blog, because if you are not clear about your path at the beginning, your blog will be just like a mess that will neither you nor your readers get any kind of benefit. After this, you have to find a suitable blog name. Choosing the name of your blog is a process that requires full attention because later it will be helpful for your blog to rank up because Google ranks up blogs based on Seo.

Then your blog requires you to have bought a domain for your blog, which you can buy yourself. The domain is the most important element of blogging because it will enable your blog to be approved by Google AdSense. Because no one from us can work freely. Then the final thing is to update the content according to your blog topic and, most importantly, routinely.

Platform For Blogging

The platform of a blog is a very important thing, that requires great care to deal with. If you have a basic knowledge of HTML then WordPress is easy to deal with because WordPress has several advantages like it has ready-made templates to use and it also gives more freedom and option to use than Blogger which is another platform for blogging. Blogger requires a prominent knowledge of Html language. So, these are the two and the most using platforms for creating your blog but be careful while choosing between them.

Benefits of Blogging

The first and the most important advantage of blogging according to me is that it helps a content uploader to improve his skills, we know that blog is an international platform, which means that you will get more and more criticism on your uploaded content from all over the world that will help you to improve your content. The Second benefit of the blog is that you can use it as a professional for your financial benefit.


The final verdict on the topic is that Blog or Blogging is a digital skill that evolved from physical paper content writing into a social media platform. It just not only helps the writer or uploader to improve his/her skills but is also a source of income for them. So if you have skills as a content writer or other talents like photography you must give it a try to blog.

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