How to install WordPress using Xampp in 2024

If you want to become a wordpress developer, you are on the right track, over 63.4% of websites are built using WordPress alone. Even the largest space company in the world NASA uses WordPress CMS as their core website technology. So, you can estimate how demanding and trending this skill is and will be.

So let’s start.

How to install Xampp Apache Server in Windows?

First of all, you have to convert your simple computer into a web server. Does it look too difficult? Don’t worry, Just follow these steps and you are all done.

Step 1: Download the Xampp Installation file.

You can download it from the official website or click the button below to download the latest version. I have given you a direct download link with high speed because, on the official website, the download speed is too slow.

Step 2: Run Installation Wizard

Double-click the file that you have just downloaded. A new pop-up will appear, just click “YES” to give permission for installation. Follow the on-screen instructions or watch the video below to correctly install the Xampp server.

Step 3: Create Website Folder

Now you have installed the server, the next step is to install the WordPress website. To do so, just navigate to the installation folder where you just installed the xampp server. The most common path to the folder is C:/xampp.

After reaching into the xampp folder, look for another folder named “htdocs” because all things we will do related to our wordpress website will be in this folder.

Once you find this one, double-click and open this folder. You will find some files there, Just ignore them as they are essential for the server to work. To install WordPress, create a new folder for your website. You can name it whatever you want. Just keep in mind the directory path of your website folder should be like this.


Step 4: Download WordPress files

Now we are all set, just download the wordpress files from the official website or you can download them from the button below for faster download. After downloading the WordPress files, Extract and paste them into the website folder that you have just created.

Step 5: Create Database

Every website needs a Database in which data can be stored and other functions can be operated smoothly. To create a database, Open your Chrome browser and type: “localhost/phpmyadmin” This will open the admin panel of your database server.

On the left sidebar, you will see an option to create a New Database. Click “New” and type the name of your database [You can name it anything you want]. After putting the name, click “Create” to create a database for your website. Once the Database is created, we are all set for website installation.

Step 6: Install WordPress

To install WordPress, Make sure these things are correct.

  1. xampp is installed
  2. a folder is created in htdocs and wordpress files are pasted in that folder.
  3. a database is created.

Open your Chrome browser and type: localhost/yourwebsitefolder

You will see a WordPress installation setup asking for Language. Just click next and you will be asked for Database information.

  1. Database Name [your_database_name]
  2. Database Username [root]
  3. Database Password [ ] {Leave it empty}
  4. Server Host Name [localhost]
  5. Table Prefix [wp_]

Just put these values and click Run the installation. And this is how your WordPress will be installed.

Step 7: Configure Website

After Database configuration, You will be asked to enter the title of your website, username, password, and email. Just fill in the details according to your data and click Next. Keep in mind the username and password for the database and Website are different things.

After entering all details, you will be redirected to the login page of your website’s admin panel. Enter username/email and password to log in.


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