Author Account

  1. The profile picture should display a clear face with a mono-color background.
  2. The profile picture should be at least 500px by 500px.
  3. The profile picture should not display/express any sort of violence, sexuality, nudity, or damage.
  4. You should set your legal name as Author because to verify your account, you will need to submit identity proof.
  5. You can set any username, it should be unique and descriptive.
  6. You can add your services to the profile. Read this PAGE to know about prohibited services.
  7. You can add the skills and a progress bar to the profile.
  8. Custom Link in your profile should not contain any spam website or post.
  9. You can add a quote of your choice and a background image.
  10. You can send friend requests to any author you like and accept requests sent by them.
  11. Do not send spam messages like bullying, abuse, or nudity.

Account Verification

  1. You can apply for account verification here.
  2. We have limited authors with verified accounts and we update our record daily.
  3. Your verified account can be unverified due to inactivity for 3 months or Spamming.
  4. After account verification, A blue badge will display next to your Author Name.

Posting Articles

  1. Post title must be relevant to the content written below.
  2. Videos/Images in the article must follow our image processing policy.
  3. Less than 350 words of the post will not be published.
  4. Only unique and engaging posts will be published. (In some cases 3% to 5% plagiarism is acceptable)
  5. The post should not contain a link to any spam website or post.
  6. You can guest post about your own business or website / For your client’s business or website.
  7. The post should not contain more than 2 external links.
  8. You can share posts on any social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  9. You cannot post the same content on any other website. Even if your content is found as rephrased, or modified, your post will be deleted.
  10. You cannot post copies/modified/rephrased content on if any author is found doing, his/her account will be marked spam.